You can also expect your death-in-service benefits to be reduced if your pay is cut unless you negotiate otherwise with your employer. We provide answers to frequently asked questions . Unfortunately, employers can, in most cases, cut your pay or reduce your hours since most employees are "hired at will." As South Africa enters the 21-day national lockdown, business owners are understandably confused and concerned about its economic consequences. Your new employer will in any event have to apply for a new work permit. Can an employer ‘force’ an employee to take annual leave during the lockdown? It’s not an uncommon question. "If there's any concern as to whether there's a conflict of interest to do work outside, it might be good to get it in writing that it's OK to pursue that," he says. Employers can only tell you to reduce your hours if it's already outlined in your contract saying that they can. Will their businesses go bankrupt and what happens to employees, if they cannot afford to keep them on or pay them? Permalink Reply Quote Printer Friendly. The MHA had passed an order on March 29 asking all employers to make payment of wages to their workers without any deduction for the period their establishments were under closure during the lockdown. But lowering wages has its risks, including breach of contract claims, unfair dismissal claims, and potential breaches of minimum entitlements. Does a customary law marriage nullify further marriages entered into with a different spouse? What You Can Do: Be proactive. This benefit cannot be used in conjunction with any other UIF benefit. An employer should consult the employee before making any changes to the employees working hours and commensurately reduce wages.