The Vicsail Beneteau people suggest the First 27.7 may perhaps be a keen sailor”s second keeler, the step up for the J24 owner, or the skiff sailor who wants to move on. That may indicate a very stiff rigging and a pretty stiff produced hull. With that in mind I arranged a sea trial on the biggest available First/Seascape to date: The 27. At all times she is responsive and dinghylike. Beneteau First 29 By Benéteau standards this model had a long production run, beginning in 1983 and ending in 1989, during which period 520 hit the water. The 27.7 is light at 2500kg and with 600kg of ballast it will need crew weight, correctly distributed, to keep her upright and charging. We steamed against the wind and I must say the sheer loudness of the engine was terribly annoying! Germany, Copyright © 2021 NO FRILLS by Lars Reisberg. Stepping aboard I rushed down below whilst Tim was taking off the tarp from the boom and prepared the boat. Beneteau Oceanis 31 (2008-Beneteau First 310. 2007 first 27.7 lifting keel - €33,000 . The engine is stored lying on one side, strapped to not damage the boat when sailing later and being stowed away. It may take a while to accommodate to the fact that these boats are now called “First” but we will get used to it. By pulling a string a flap folds out like we know it from our shoe-lockers at home. And we did so. Beneteau First 29. One of our Beneteau First 21.0 sloops at New York Sailing Center. I don´t know as I am not Beneteau nor Seascape, but I recon you check the UK boat show roaster for the boats shown by Beneteau. Roger, Hi Roger, Beneteau First 27.7 4 beneteau first 27.7 usate in vendita. Still 7.1 knots with just the main up. So with quite some nice wind going on we finally dropped the lines and Tim brought us about. I admired the full carbon mast and boom which both where playing with the sun´s light and exposed their outer fibre-layup. She is built since 2018 by Bénéteau (France). She has a deep lead-bulbed keel which gives 7 feet draught down, and lifts with an electric winch to give a keel-up draught of just two feet. Tim opens two flooring hatches. We saw a best speed of 6.3 knots in 16 knots of apparent wind, at a bit of over 40 degrees True, good speed for a 28-footer. The integration of the ex-Seascape boats into the product range of the French boatmaker made perfect sense: The old First 20 and 25 models are classics and pretty nice boats but fairly old concepts. Back in Cannes at the boat show one of the Seascape guys explained to me how elaborately the mast was made and which work went into creating this powerful rigging. Only then came the heeling. The massive square head mainsail with a stunning sail area of 28 square metres (the J-80 has 21) is hoisted by a 2:1 halyard that is fixed at the masthead, runs down to the nock of the boom and back up. At the time of our sail they were getting her ready for Hamilton Island Race Week and were planning to tow the boat there and back. Tim said that it would cost around half a knot letting the prop out. Right now there is a brand new 30-footer in the making. Inside the Beneteau First 27 a.k.a Seascape 27. Soling Olympian Nev Wittey, crew chief for the day, tugged on the control lines (both sides lead back to the cockpit) to pull the cars forward and I felt all weather helm vanish from the tiller and, with almost neutral helm, she was actually easier to wriggle closer to the wind. Just top of the pops equipment on the First 27. Beneteau 281. The more I think about it the more attractive this idea becomes to me. We then beared away to a nice beam reach and tried this on both starboard and port tack. Instead of cutting a big hole in the cabin coachroof the Seascape/First 27 features a nice clever rotatable mount where the chart plotter is attached to. Tim on the other hand told me, that this was one of the main aspects of the Seascape/First 27 – with a displacement of just 1.400 kilograms all it needs to get it running is a light puff indeed. The boat, even when we received a gust, didn´t responded with more heeling but instantly with more speed at first. So, all in all, the nice little details signalled that the guys back in Slovenia really pushed the limits and invested a lot of thoughts to create a very fine vessel. Chasotstraße 12 Join me on my voyage to becoming a skilful yachtmaster, in buying my own yacht and sailing the seas, visiting various ports and marinas and meeting some interesting people. And also: Good job Beneteau – the new breed of First yachts couldn´t have got a better predecessor to be derived from than these tough boats! The Vicsail Beneteau people suggest the First 27.7 may perhaps be a keen sailor”s second keeler, the step up for the J24 owner, or the skiff sailor who wants to move on. Trova la tua soluzione ideale di barca, paragona i prezzi e ricevi via e-mail i nuovi annunci che coincidono con la tua ricerca. Yacht of the Year 2008 Cruising or racing, this European lady is up for it If you want to know where production cruiser/racer design is going, look no further. The removable-leaf table attaches to the keel case. About the FIRST 27 (BENETEAU) sailboat The First 27.7 is a 27’2” (8.3m) cruiser-racer sailboat designed by Finot Conq Architectes (France). Beneteau First 211. Review Date : Thu, 24 Sep 2009. Required fields are marked *. They can even bury their feet deep under the cockpit in some tiny “quarter berth”-like bulges. But get your priorities right; this is a fast boat first and a camper/cruiser second. We then beared away further to an AWA of 120 to 140 degrees. If the 27.7 is a joy upwind, downwind she is huge fun and very, very quick. View new or used Beneteau First 27.7 boats for sale from across the UK, Europe and Rest of World on YachtWorld. The Seascape/First 27 is made to be sailed and managed by a single sailor. Tim the folds the engine upwards in a way that the screw reaches down to the water. I love Seascape/First for these tiny but very thoughthrough details! In a way, it turned out that I was right. The direct replacement for those Aussie built 24-footers is not immediately obvious, but in the absence of a home-grown product may I suggest Beneteau”s First 27.7 as a candidate. I beared away and the boat instantly jumped to speed! Featuring a hard chine as far as the stem, vertical sides, a good beam on the waterline and twin rudders, she has all the makings of a robust competitive boat. The rudder is a lifting fiberglass blade in an alloy stock. Beneteau First 27.7. Now the crew may take out or stuff back in the sails through the hatch in the coachroof.