Someone misgendered my cat once, can we have a museum to remember that event too? A new tour guide to Edinburgh's historic architecture and landscape is set to lift the lid on how the city is inextricably linked with slavery. Glasgow and the Merchant City Slavery and Abolition Walking TourTobacco Merchants House 42 Miller Street G1 1DTThis walk, guided by Stephen Mullen, takes the audience on an historical journey of discovery through the Merchant City to reveal connections with the built heritage, slavery and the abolition movement. The app-based walking tour is delivered by GuidiGo and incorporates interactive tools, challenges and stories which bring the period to life through drawings and narration. Sunday 12 - 2:00 Pm . In a statement, Hoskins Architects wrote: "The story of how Glasgow was shaped by the Transatlantic slave trade is fascinating, as is the lack of discussion and formal education around it. Maybe we could also have a museum for the coalition for racial equality and wokeness on the top floor. Contact us; Legal. Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice. #24 you think that these comments/attitudes are typical of your average Glaswegian? Theatrical walking tour to explore the legacy of Glasgow’s radical women. @Jim, did you not see that number 5 reckons tradesmen should all chip in and do it for free! After escaping slavery in 1838 by going to New York, he became a brilliant orator and tireless freedom fighter alongside members of his family. I’m absolutely sure I don’t need “educated” by you Rem. Walking Heads - Features The Glasgow Music Tour, Glasgow Corners, Clydeside Promenade and Architecture Tour. We are not men standing in kilts rattling off dates of battles. The illustrated walking tour A new walking tour exploring Glasgow’s links to the Transatlantic slave trade has been launched as part of this year’s Doors Open Day Festival. A new walking tour exploring Glasgow’s links to the Transatlantic slave trade has been launched as part of this year’s Doors Open Day Festival. The original and local walking tour company in Glasgow since 2017. For tomorrow's society. Aye, I see that one being a popular venue for the kids on a wet Saturday. They recently did Black History tours of Glasgow and we were inspired by that and wanted to create a version for children. After the publication of his 1845 autobiography, ‘Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave’, he lived in Edinburgh in 1846-7 while he made a speaking tour … Hosted by Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice. It also highlights the city's modern-day African communities. The history & architecture of Glasgow from the 18th century to the height of its success in the latter 19th century. The Truth About Glasgow and Slavery. Maiyah Gamble-Rivers trudged through the snow one recent afternoon to get to a highlight on the Slavery & Legacy walking tour at Brown University. Links | © DC Thomson Co Ltd 2021. Developed for the Glasgow Doors Open Day Festival the Hidden Stories Map harnesses the power of creative arts and design to communicate uncomfortable truths and has been compiled in collaboration with Stuco Design, the Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights and councillor Graham Campbell. Yes, developing the Egyptian halls as a museum of slavery is an excellent proposal and save a much loved building. It was an opportunity to learn about our built heritage but most importantly to enable discussion about the legacy of empire, slavery, colonialism and migration. Jan 7, 2021 - Whether you are a local or a tourist, get to know the area even better while on foot with the best Glasgow walking tours on Tripadvisor. Glasgow's slavery links revealed by interactive walking tour, September 2020, News, Architecture and the built environment is an integral part of our society and we hope to provide a useful platform for debate, information and inspiration. This website is home to the Center's Digital Slavery Legacy Walking Tour. Ramsay is also a co-lead on Black History Month walking tours commissioned by Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights, highlighting the historical links between Glasgow’s built heritage and the transatlantic slave trade and chattel slavery, empire and colonisation. We offer a daily City Centre and Street Art tours. We wanted to take this and aim it at children and young people.”. Posted Monday, October 21, 2019 5:19 pm by CFRRhodeIsland. We offer a daily City Centre and Street Art tours. Without slavery, Glasgow wouldn't exist. It was great to be able to collaborate with them all on the project.”. Couple of quid on a packet of rolling baccy! Oh Glasgow; I thought it was just the Architecture you produce that was woeful - that stinking attitude apparently permeates it's inhabitants. "The aim is to continue developing this collaborative work into a more comprehensive resource to be used in schools to give young people a better understanding of Glasgow’s built environment and the history that shaped it, and to promote discussion about how we can address inequality in our society.".